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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Assignment 1

Oldcross Borough Council, Department of Community Services have proposed a cultural centre/library, to be constructed on derelict council owned land near the centre of Oldcross to replace the current inadequate library provision. The wish of the Director of Community Services is to provide a facility for adults, juniors and teenagers with lending of books, cassettes, compact discs, videos, computer software, talking books and books in large print. Daily newspapers and magazines will be available in a comfortable seating area with a franchised coffee vending outlet. Games consoles and internet accessible computers will be provided in two rooms (one room for play and one room for study). A flexible space will accommodate open learning and Chamber of Commerce and other meetings. A display area will accommodate temporary cultural displays and large plasma display screens will advertise community events. The library shop will supply any book in print, videos and DVD’s with a target 10% discount on the normal retail price. The library shop will stock a range of local history publications, postcards, maps, stamps, magnifying sheets, greetings cards, wall charts and educational books.

As a consultant project manager write a report to the Assistant Director of Community Services, the nominated project sponsor of the project. The report should:
1. Explain the concept of value for money in the context of public sector procurement
2. Describe briefly the opportunities for value management in the strategic and project briefing of a project to be procured as a design and build project.
3. Indicate with the aid of a diagram the possible value management intervention points during the procurement process.
4. Consider those likely to be involved in the strategic briefing workshop and the project briefing workshop.
5. Indicate the resources required including particularly the time to be invested by the workshop participants and the workshop facilitator.

Maximum 2000 words.

Marking schedule

1. Description of value for money. 25 marks
2. Description of and points of VfM review. 25 marks
3. Intervention points 15 marks
4. Workshop participants 10 marks
5. Resources 10 marks
6. Report structure, style and presentation 15 marks

Note: All Glasgow based students should submit a hard copy

Report Writing

The University website which gives very sound advice on the submission of coursework in general and reports in particular.


1. The report should NOT be an assembly of referenced material from which the reader may infer an answer. Referenced material should be used to reinforce or substantiate a point being made in the report. The explanations given should be explicit and focused on the case study problem. Material should be synthesised in the context of the case study and recommendations given.
2. Use bullet lists carefully. Do not end a section within the report or even the report itself with a bulleted list. Lists must always be rounded off with a sentence or paragraph summarising the final point of that section.
3. Every report should have a conclusion and every report of this nature should have recommendations. The Senior Property Officer will be seeking assistance from the expert, the project manager, on the route to take with regard to this project.
4. Read over the report before submission.
5. Check your reports for no page numbers, obvious spelling mistakes and font changes (a classic sign of block copying).

6. Make sure you include your name, especially if one is submitting via email.
7. If appendices have been included then they should be referred to in the text. It is not for the reader to discover them and wonder at their relevance.
8. Do not list references that have not been referred to in the text. Do not give references in the text which are not referenced in the References.
9. All sections should be attempted

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