• April 21st, 2016

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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The Final Project
This paper brings together the previous work and articulates a strategy for implementing transformational change in the organization. This paper must be 3,500–4,500 words in length.
The Final Project must contain the following elements:
The Background Paper and Organizational Analysis should be included as sections of the paper. These should be integrated into the final paper, but they do not need to be rewritten except to correct any elements noted in past grading.
A clearly articulated strategy for implementing transformational change in your organization, including at least three specific actions to be undertaken in the first six months of the new leadership.
A clearly articulated explanation of how your strategy aligns to the goals of the organization and will contribute to the accomplishment of these goals.
A clear introduction and conclusion to the paper as a whole that ties the elements of the paper together and “sells” the reader on your strategy.
The Final Project may use evidence from a range of sources (case studies, empirical analysis, similar organizational experiences, etc.) to make the case for your strategy.

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