• April 26th, 2016

Conflicts Resolution

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Please limit your answer to 5 pages per question (single space, Times New Roman, 12 font). Total 10 pages for 2 questions

1. How are intractable conflicts evolved and maintained according to Bar-Tal? More specifically, how are intractable conflicts characterized as opposed to regular conflicts and how do they start? What are the components of the cognitive construal of the intractability situation? Please apply the theoretical elements you covered in the first part to an international conflict (past or present) of your choice.

2. What is the meaning and significance of conflict resolution with regard to intractable multi-party conflicts? How does DST (Dynamic System Theory) help clarifying the essence of the resolution process? Choose a relevant case study (not the one from the first question) and run it through the 3 practices of ALM (Attractors Landscape Model): how do Complicate to Simplify, Build Up and Tear Down and Change to Stabilize could promote resolution in your chosen case-study?

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