• April 12th, 2016

Conflict management in organizations, why do conflict arise and how should we manage them?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Methods Essay:
A discussion of your personal methodology and a critical assessment of possible methods for your
research (2,500 words, excluding references; balance of 50% of module marks).
In your methods essay you are required to first articulate your research stance and then discuss a
number of possible research methods of your choice to address your research question(s). In
presenting your chosen research methods you are also required to briefly discuss at least one
alternative research method and to suggest why you have chosen your preferred method(s).
Each piece of work should be presented in the form of a regular essay, with four principal sections,
namely an Introduction, a Presentation of your chosen literature or research methods, a Discussion,
and Preliminary Conclusions. The principal purpose of both Essays is to provide you with a practical
basis for conceiving and developing your research project in your Dissertation module. While your
Literature Critique will provide you with a sound theoretical basis for initiating your proposed
project your Methods Essay will prepare you for “going into the field” to conduct your research by
enabling you to make pertinent choices on the research methods for your project and to articulate
how you plan to use your chosen methods to address your research question(s). Accordingly, when
diligently completed your work in this module will provide you with a sound theoretical and
operational basis to develop a high-quality research proposal in discussion with your supervisor.

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