• April 6th, 2016

Conflict between government macroeconomic objectives

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

A cover page clearly showing the title of the essay, your student number (do not write your name), class and word count (you will lose marks if the cover page is not included and not complying with these requirements)
A clear intro§duction and the outline of the essay (5 marks)
A clear explanation of government macroeconomic objectives (main§
objectives and additional objectives) (12 marks)
A clear explanation of the conflicts between macroeconomic objectives§
(main objectives and additional objectives) (15 marks)
A clear explanation of the best policy or mixture of policies to§ minimise
the conflicts between macroeconomic objectives (10 marks)
A conclusion based on your analysis and recommendations (8 marks)§
A complete list of reference or bibliography (Harvard style) (10§ marks)
You must use clear examples and diagrams when necessary to support,§
explain and illustrate your points and arguments in the essay

The quality of written work is assessed in this essay based on your ability to:
present an argument and conclusion on the basis of that argument·
organise information clearly and coherently·
use economic vocabulary appropriately·
use language accurately and appropriately·
The number of words limit for the extended essay is 1500 – 2000. The word count must be clearly stated on the cover page of the essay. Non-compliance with this requirement will be penalised at the marking.
Information from other sources must be clearly referenced in the body of the essay to the original sources. You must provide a list of reference or a bibliography at the end of the essay.

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