• March 5th, 2016

Confessions of Nat Turner

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Compose a thesis-driven essay of 3-4 pages (approximately 750 words) in length in which you develop an argument about the cultural significance of Nat Turner’s revolt through the analysis of Thomas Gray’s Confessions of Nat Turner alongside one subsequent literary text we have read as a class this semester.

In other words, all of the papers must include a explicit consideration of Gray’s Nat Turner. All of the papers must include consideration of one additional literary text. You may use any of the following for your second text: Blake or Dessa Rose. Any other approaches to this assignment must be cleared with me ahead of time.

Requirements of the assignment:

1) The essay must begin with a brief introductory statement that functions to introduce your own argument rather than the biographies or contexts of the texts at hand.

2) The introduction must end with a clear arguable thesis that answers the following question: “what do we learn about the cultural significance for Nat Turner by reading these texts together that we can’t see when we read the in isolation”?

3) Each subsequent paragraph should develop a new step in your argument by analyzing direct and accurate quotations from one or both of your texts.

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