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Computer Science Homework | UK US Essays
  • February 14th, 2017

Computer Science Homework

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Write a program which computes the hash of a string, and the hash of two integers. The formula for the hash is the same in both cases, except in the case of the string, you will have a variable number of characters.
To compute the hash Java uses, first set the hashCode to 0. Starting at the beginning of the string, go through the string character by character. For each character, multiply the previous hash by 31 and then add the character. This should produce exactly the same value as String.hashCode().
Your string hash method should have the declaration
public static int hashCode(String str)
In your program, set a string = “ABCDEFGHIJ”, compute the hash with your hashCode method and compare it with the String.hashCode() value. If the two are equal, print out “Hashes are equal”. If the are not the same, print “Hashes are not equal”.
For the hash of two integers, use the following formal declaration
public static int hashCode(int n1, int n2)

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