• January 4th, 2017

Computer science

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The Scenario You are working for Transport for London (TfL) as part of the ‘data analytics’ team that manages and develops London’s Cycle Hire Scheme. Your remit relates to the cycle hire stations in a given postcode and you have access to data describing the status of a series of these stations over a particular period. Your task is to produce a single static dashboard that uses graphics to show key characteristics relating to the status of the stations as a mechanism for reporting and decisionmaking. This graphical summary will be used to establish the status of the stations and support ongoing plans to redistribute bikes to ensure that stations have a good balance of available bikes and docks – so that those using the scheme can collect and park bikes at all stations at all times. Specifically, the dashboard will be used by the data analytics team and senior officers at TfL to … i. find differences – stations, days or times that have contrasting characteristics to others; ii. detect trends in bike and dock availability over time in the selected postcode; iii. identify where and when the scheme is failing – with docks or bikes unavailable; iv. compare stations and time periods, concurrently where possible; v. investigate whether ongoing or periodic trends are evident in the data

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