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Comprehensive re assessment

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RM1 Comprehensive Reassessment
The purpose of this comprehensive reassessment is to help you show your competence in the key areas
covered by the whole RM4 module, including CW1 (gaining skills in thematic analysis or regression),
CW2 (familiarity with ethics processes and research design) and CW3 (designing your own study).
There are three sections to the Comprehensive Reassessment for RM4. You should attempt to complete
ALL sections and answer ALL questions. The three sections are weighted equally.
The sections are as follows:
o Section 1
Write a findings/results section for EITHER a qualitative study OR quantitative data set that
is provided
o Section 2
Complete an ethics approval document and attachments for EITHER the qualitative OR
quantitative study idea that is provided
o Section 3
Write a proposal for a study of your own design including:
A) Title
B) Introduction
C) Aims of the study
D) Research question OR hypothesis (or hypotheses)
Detailed information on each Section is presented below.
Section One
Choose to either answer the qualitative question (involving a thematic analysis) or the quantitative
question (involving a hierarchical regression).
Qualitative option
The task:
Your task is to undertake a thematic analysis using the interview data provided. The research
question you are trying to answer is: How do people with limb deficiency experience and negotiate
intimacy with a partner?

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