• October 11th, 2017

Component 3: Health Determinants

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Component 3: Health Determinants
What are health determinants and how do they relate to global health issues? Health determinants are factors that influence the health of a population. These factors may be, biological, socioeconomic, psychosocial, behavioral, or social in nature (CDC, 2014). As you research the global health issue of your selected country (USA), you will gain insight to many factors that might lead to an unhealthy population or health issue. In addition, you may find variances when comparing global health issues between different countries that help to account for the differences observed in health determinants. As a current or future health professional, you may discover that addressing health determinants is the primary approach to achieving health equity (CDC, 2014).
For the last component of your paper, you examine global health issues as they relate to the country you selected (USA). You also look at vulnerable populations affected by this global health issue and compare it to other countries.
The Assignment (2–3 pages):
• Explain the magnitude of this global health issue, including the determinants as they apply to the country you selected.
• Describe the vulnerable population most affected by this global health issue, and explain which determinants might contribute to this vulnerability.
• Compare this global health issue for the country you selected (USA) to one other country that is similar and one other country that is different (geographical or economic level, according to the World Bank classification) in the global context. Be sure to include the statistical and health data to support your research.

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