• April 3rd, 2016

Compare the representative on of gender (femininity and masculinity) in two Disney Princess movies, Sleeping Beauty (1959) and Maleficent (2014). How would a sociologist explain the changes in gender ideas and roles in these two films?

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discuss it using sociological terms and theories that you have been exposed to as part of the unit ‘Understanding Society’. You can agree or disagree with these statements but you must
engage with the content of this unit to discuss sociologically one of these quotes. This essay is not about writing your opinion on one
of these statements, but on how you can use sociological tools of
analysis to discuss/explain it.
Use your textbook and at least 4 academic references (e.g. from your unit
outline or from Google Scholar) to unpack your sociological argument. Make sure to explain in your introduction what you aim to achieve in your essay, and give your answer in the conclusion. You may use
1 or 2 key examples from your everyday life (make sure to write about it in an academic format) and/or from the news (please bear in mind that a newspaper article does not count as an academic paper) to illustrate and/or develop your argument.

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