• April 22nd, 2016

Compare and contrast Raul Reis, Ien Ang, and Phillipe Meers

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For this paper you will work with the three audience research studies conducted by Raul Reis, Ien Ang, and Phillipe Meers. Synthesize each study, or describe in your own words the Research question Audience studied Method(s) used Conclusions reached Questions raised Compare all three studies based on the following topics: the scope of the research question the methods used the number and type of audience members involved the findings What are the strengths and limitations of each study? Which do you feel is the most convincing/compelling and why? Come up with your own ideas for an audience research project. In designing your audience research you should propose a project that is small and focused enough to be manageable. Be specific in the question you want to answer and the method(s) you will use. We will choose 3-4 research projects to carry out in class next week (based on feasibility). The paper should be 3-5 pages long, using 12-point font and no more than one-inch margins all around. Staple your papers and include your name. If you use any sources, be sure to provide a list of Works Consulted and CITE YOUR SOURCES properly.

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