• April 7th, 2016

compare and contrast between two interior designers (Eileen Gray’s and Elsie de Wolfe)

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Written Statement
– Develop a written statement of no more than 500 words, 10-or 12-point font, double spaced, 1” margins—top, bottom, and sides. References and graphic illustrations may be included on the second page.
– All references within the body of the statement and in the reference list should be in APA format (http://apastyle.org/). These references in the body of the essay and at the end of the essay are not Included in the 500 word limit.

This question consists of four parts. Please be sure to answer every part.
1- Identify two interior designers or two architects (Eileen Gray’s and Elsie de Wolfe) of two interiors you have studied in your classes.
2- Compare and contrast the design decisions underlying each of these two.
3- Compare and contrast the designers’ personal philosophies of design as reflected in their work.
4- Finally, explain why and how their approach to design might shape your philosophy as a future professional interior designer.

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