• April 25th, 2016

Comparative essay – the difference between street art and graffiti

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Needs a catchier title please, and copies of revised drafts 1-3, also please include Shepard Fairey as the main focus for the street artist as I wrote about him for my essay – 1 assignment , and would like to build off that, an option that is stated in the following directions for a topic.
here are the DIRECTIONS: Pick 2 subjects with some basis for comparison (or contrast): FOCUS ON 3 questions: HOW are they different (or similar); WHAT they reflect or reveal about the subject itself; WHAT they reflect concerning our culture.

1) SPECIFY the subjects & CONTEXT
2) DEVELOP your project in 3 parts:
I. INTRO-HOOK CONTEXT History for readers = incorporate 2-4 sources + set-up CONTEXT/background for readers to engage in your topic 2-3 pgs.; approx.. 5-10 s.
II. Transition to the THESIS & Main Points for body s & Organization,
III. DEEP DESCRIPTION, ANALYSIS & = study & analyze the subjects in great detail for meaning
IIII. ANALYZE & support your thesis
3) SUPPORT the THESIS = study your subject carefully, & support analysis = X is good, bad, symbolizes, reveals, etc.
Incorporate research support (2-5 sources, max.) to deepen your discussion but AVOID overwhelming your essay with research and turning it into a summary. Include correct MLA in-text citation, quotation & paraphrase + Works Cited. Use verifiable sources via ProQuest, LexisNexis, EBSCO, interviews, documentaries, etc. (avoid merely relying on Wikipedia)

a) Compare or contrast a film & remake = Cape Fear 1962 vs 1991; The Thing, 1951 vs. 1982 vs. 2011, The Crazies 1973 vs. 2010;
b) Compare or contrast a song & remake = Rolling Stones Satisfaction vs. Devos version (1974) & PJ Harveys live version (1994 @ Brit Awards) vs Britney Spears (2000).
c) Compare 2 examples based on a similar subject: American life before & after smart phones = HOW do corporations market smart phones to consumers emotions or values? How do smart phones characterize technology as lifestyle resources?
d) IF you want to develop a different subject, confer with me first to make sure your idea is sustainable. You can build on your E-1 topic to deepen your exploration.

1st draft: 2-3 pgs.
2nd draft: 4-5 pgs.
3rd draft: 5-7 pgs.

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