• March 26th, 2016

Community resource project

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Community Resource Project Final Reflection
(15% of overall course grade)

Write 250 500 words about the meetings you attended for your project. Remember to write reflectively, following the three stages of reflective writing. In one or more paragraphs, answer the following questions:

What happened?
How did you feel?
What interesting aspects did you notice?
What did you learn (not content, but about yourself and others)?
How will this experience help you in the future?
What would you do differently next time?

Add anything else you think is important.

Include the four original reports you did on the meetings and hand them in with the project. Include this sheet with your report. All the items for your report should be stapled and a cover (title) sheet with MLA format should be on top.

Your report will be graded using the following rubric:

CriteriaNeeds Improvement

Does not achieve minimum Level 4 expectations OR is missingOkay

Achieves minimum Level 4 expectationsGoodExcellent
Formatted correctly0678910
Includes the three stages of reflective writing.013141516171820
Gives details and examples (supporting information)020212324262730
Flows logically and is coherent013141516171820
Uses mechanics, spelling, grammar, and usage appropriate for Level 4 (almost Level 5) IEP students, e.g., complex and compound sentences, adjective clauses013141516171820
Overall Score ______ / 100 points

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