• March 3rd, 2016

Community Case study

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Base this assignment on “Dogs in Farnham Grove” given in this week’s content.

Analyze the case using the following topics as a guide.

1. Define what you see as the most important problem to be addressed in the community of Farnham Grove. Be sure this is a community problem, not an individual or family concern.

2. Give a general strategy for addressing this problem, one that would strengthen the neighborhood as described in Chapter 13. Is your approach more consistent with community development or with social action ?

3. Explore the issue further by identifying the stakeholders who might be involved in community change efforts to resolve this problem.

4. Who is in the benefit community, the action community, and the target community? List these and give a brief explanation if needed.

5. List the individuals or entities whose sanction would be needed for your proposed change effort.

6. Identify several forms of community capital found in the Farnham Grove neighborhood.

7. Describe what you would do to involve citizens, organizations, officials, or groups in the change effort you propose. What role would some of these have? (You might think in terms of a collaboration, such as a coalition or a network, to explore this.)

8. Describe in some detail how you would go about pursuing this strategy. Apply the concepts and principles from Chapters 1 through 12 to fully explicate your plans – for example, you may need to draw from the chapters on using the media, tactics for change, fundraising, or organizing, (or others) depending on your approach. You should utilize at least four major concepts or techniques from the chapters previously studied.

Your paper should be about three pages in length, double-spaced in 12 point font with 1-inch margins. It will be scored using the following criteria and points:



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