• March 4th, 2016

Communication science

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Instructions: In this individual writing assignment, you will write an essay of approximately 750 words in which you analyze a science news article written for a non-specialist audience in popular media. Please choose one of the news stories listed below for your analysis. Your analysis should draw from relevant lecture material and make meaningful reference to at least two of the following course readings from Week 2 through Week 6: Bauer, Fahnestock, Benka, Shelby and Ernst, Harrison, Scott, Gregory & Miller, and Nelkin. You are also encouraged to use secondary sources to further your understanding of the elements of rhetorical and communication theory and of the area of science discussed in your chosen article. Your objective is to critique the article as an example of the communication of scientific knowledge to the public. Your analysis should (a) define/explain three of the following elements of communication and rhetorical theory in your chosen news story: structure (e.g., AIDA), rhetorical devices (e.g., metaphor), rhetorical genre (e.g., epideitic discourse), rhetorical appeals, narrative, news values, media depictions of science and scientists, and paradigms/models of science communication, and; (b) apply each element to one of the news stories listed below (i.e., discuss examples of each element in the news story). Your explanation of elements must be supported by scholarly literature (course readings and/or secondary sources). You are welcome to use lecture slides to help explain or apply the elements but you must also draw from scholarly articles or books about your chosen elements. Your paper should also have a concluding paragraph in which you evaluate the effectiveness of the news story in communicating science to the public (consider questions such as, Did the author use stylistic devices effectively? Would the intended audience find this story compelling?) Other requirements: – Title should indicate which news story you have chosen (include the author’s name or title of the story) – Citations and bibliography in APA format – Paper is double-spaced – Title page and running head are not required News stories (It is a good idea to read all three stories and choose the story you feel is most conducive to analysis through course concepts): Dennis Overbye, “Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein’s Theory,” http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/01/science/the-life-of-pi-and-other- infinities.html?_r=0 J. Madeleine Nash, “Tunnel vision,” http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science- nature/the-secrets-of-earths-history-may-be-in-its-caves-165168171/?no-ist Ivan Semeniuk, “500 million years ago, this critter had a really bad day,” http://bit.ly/1EEQDIk Rubric: CONTENT o Quality of analysis of news story (scope and depth of analysis of news story; accurate identification and application of theoretical/rhetorical elements) o Discussion of source material (refers to specific insights, arguments or concepts from course readings and/or external scholarly sources; demonstrates strong understanding of scholarly sources and avoids making hasty or superficial remarks about sources; makes strong links between source material and own argument about the chosen news story). EXPRESSION & MECHANICAL CORRECTNESS o Clear, concise, coherent, well-organized, sentences and paragraphs well-structured, and language well-chosen o Free of errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and usage that affect meaning and/or readability o Sources cited correctly TOTAL

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