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Common Core Standards

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This is the Final Essay with the topic proposal, annotated bibliography. My Topic was on common core standards and I will attach the files that I already got graded on so reference for this final report. you wrote the annotated bibliography and now this one is the final essay, with table of contents, pictures.

From the Professor: This is your last formal writing assignment. Make sure you have gone through all of the materials in this unit before you begin.

This report must meet the following guidelines:

1. Word length is between 1200 and 1500 words (you can go over, but not under).

2. You must choose one of the prompts given in this unit.

3. You must write the type of report required by the prompt.

4. You must complete the topic proposal, annotated bibliography, and guided reading questions as they are a major part of your grade.

5. Your paper must look professional and meet the layout and design guidelines outlined in this unit.

6. You must have at least 6 different sources on your works cited page.

7. You must have a minimum of 6-8 in text citations derived from the sources summarized on your annotated bibliography.

Begin your research. You will need 6 sources from a variety of media (Internet, electronic databases, books, videos). Once you have your research, you will need to evaluate each source and decide how you will incorporate this information into your research. You should have some idea how your paper will be organized before you select your sources. The prompts tell you what should be included in your report. After you evaluate each source you will summarize the main points of the article in an annotated bibliography. To learn more about the annotated bibliography, check out these links:

Annotated Bibliography from OWL (Links to an external site.)

You will need to view and evaluate each source and summarize the main points (about 200 words for each summary). You will also need to briefly explain how this article will be used in the paper (about 50 words).

The sources need to be arranged according to author’s last name using the proper MLA format. If you need to review MLA documentation, check out Unit 10.

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Once you have your research summarized, you are ready to begin putting the paper together. The guided writing questions are designed to help you organize your ideas according to the prompt and type of report your are writing. There are different questions for each prompt.

Click below for the guided writing questions. The questions are different for each topic, so make sure you work with the correction questions.

Guided Writing QuestionsPreview the documentView in a new window

Organization and Examples

What kind of report will you submit? See examples of Recommendation, Feasibility, and Research Reports.

How will you design your document?

Here are some tutorials in creating style with Word.

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