• May 3rd, 2015

Comment on Data Analysis of a Journal Article

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Write up a review and comparison of the quantitative methods that have been applied in one quantitative journal articles of Accounting.
Identify and evaluate the dimensions, advantages and challenges of the data analysis.
In this assignment, students should write up a review (1,300-1,500 words (exclusive of tables, figures and reference)) on the statistical analysis that has been applied in a journal paper (i.e. discipline based). Assignment will be submitted via Turn-it-in. Turn-it-in similarity should not be more than 15%.
Features Expected in this assignment:
1.0 Information
1.1 Assumption/Hypothesis of each Research Questions
1.2 Logic/Coding/How data is measured and coded in this article
1.3 How the model was build up (specific case)

I have chosen ” Anderson, R. C., & Reeb, D. M. (2003). Founding‐family ownership and firm performance: evidence from the S&P 500. The journal of finance, 58(3), 1301-1327.” for the assignment on Comment on Data Analysis.

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