• April 12th, 2016

Combat veteran issues

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

What are the effective models to support the healthy transition between active duty service and civilian life?

Working in interviews with veterans the Fort campbell, KY community as well as solders preparing to leave the military at the Army base. Using an online survey provided via social media.

needs to describe your research design as completely as it can, but it is only a proposal – intended to give a reviewer enough information to understand your intent and decide whether your study makes sense.

Separately this will need a 150-200 word abstract in a separate document Write a draft Abstract and Proposal that represent your preliminary plan, and post them in the Discussion Forum of this Unit. This abstract should be written using the Saybrook Dissertation Abstract Guidelines. The proposal should be written using the same template that we used in RES1005. Remember that both the abstract and the proposal need to be written in future tense, explaining what you would intend to do in your study. They should provide the reader with enough information to understand the major elements of the study including the research question; the tradition and method to be utilized for the investigation and the rationale for its selection; the method and/or design to be used, including participants, measures, and/or other primary data resources to be utilized; relevant procedures; and analytic approaches to be used in analyzing the data. (At the proposal stage, there obviously are no findings or conclusions.) They should represent clear ideas that you believe are well founded and will lead directly, with minor comments from the instructor, to the full development of the final proposal. These will be reviewed and commented upon by the instructor and may need subsequent minor or substantiverevision before writing your final proposal.

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