• April 17th, 2016

Cognitive Behavioral Approaches in Insomnia

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Cognitive-behavioral therapy course paper instructions


Part 1 (2+ pages)

  • Select a psychiatric disorder: a medical problem, disease, or disorder with psychological components; or a relationship problem, such as marital or family difficulties. ( Insomnia- please use this topic)
  • Do a literature search on recent research on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for this disorder or problem (will attach the articles to use)
  • Choose 3 important psychotherapy outcome studies for your paper. Describe the population, comparison groups, major interventions, and general findings (use the 3 attached articles)

Part 2 (5+ pages)

For your chosen area compare and contrast the CBT approaches used in the studies with the more traditional treatment described for straightforward depression and anxiety in the main text: Wright et al.’s Learning CBT… (please compare and contrast CBT approaches used in the 3 articles with the typical CBT approach used in this textbook cited below.

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