• April 22nd, 2016

Code analysis

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  1. How many data item are processed?


  1. How many work items are created?


  1. What is the work group size?


  1. How many work groups are created?


  1. Briefly describe the key ideas in the reduction process as implemented in Reduction_Kernels.cl. How is the sum calculated? For the work-item with global ID 0, how many additions does it perform?


  1. In Reduction_Kernels.cl, what is the purpose of barrier(CL_LOCAL_MEM_FENCE)?


  1. (20 points) Briefly describe how the data array is transferred from host memory to compute device memory. Is the buffer object on compute device memory or host memory? Point out which line of the code actually trigger the data transfer.


  1. In Reduction.cpp, why do we need to add the values in the array outMapPtr? Who provides the values in the array outMapPtr?


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