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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

A good report is like a story it should tell the reader how you went from the initial stages to choosing your topic and problem, through all the decisions you made about what to do and how to do it, and all the work you did in learning more about your subject, up to the point where you achieved your results. Then the report should go beyond that and give your views about your results how accurate or reliable they are and how valid they are; and also of the project as a whole did you achieve what you set out to do? A good story does not happen without careful planning about what information to include, in what level of detail and in which order. Consideration must also be given to the form of presentation the style and layout of the writing, labelling of diagrams and handling of references.
Writing up the chapters. Remember that the project stages can overlap somewhat and this task is an example of where that can happen. If you can do a certain amount of the writing up as you are completing the work, it gives you better chance of sharing your output with your supervisor and benefiting from that additional feedback. Writing up in this way is also a good way of using up dead time that can occur while you are waiting for the outcome of other tasks
Conclusion and Abstract. These are two special parts of the report. The Abstract is a summary of the whole report that appears at the very beginning and is the first thing read by the reader (first impressions are important). The conclusion is the last chapter and is usually the last thing read by the reader. It is therefore worth giving special attention to the structure and scope and even the language used in these sections.

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