• August 4th, 2017

CLC Assignment.

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This is a CLC assignment.
In assigned CLCs, each member should choose a culture (I chose African America) to research and inform the group members of their choice. Each individual will research information about that culture, especially with regard to education.
Discuss in 750-1,000 words how you would accommodate such a culture into the classroom. Try to get beyond the typical components of foods, clothing, and language and discover norms, customs, learning styles, etc.
Use the GCU eLibrary and/or academic websites to research a minimum of four articles/books about the culture.
As a group, develop a chart that breaks down components of each culture and compares them side-by-side.
Combine the information from each group member and the chart into one project. Among the group members, discuss implications for teachers and social studies instruction. Use these discussions to synthesize the individual components into one essay for the group.
Be sure to attach the cultural summaries from each group member to the assignment.

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