• May 8th, 2015

Cisco Network Routing

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



1) Formatting. There are three sections to the document labelled Working document. Section 1 starts on page 3. Section 2 starts on page 29. Section 3 starts on page 47. Each section needs a detailed Table of Contents, List of figures and List of tables and References. The table of Contents needs to be more detailed. 2 – 3 levels down for Table of Content. A List of Figures is required for all figures in each section. A list of Tables is required for all tables in each section. The Test Plan table must be included in the list of tables for each section. All figures and tables should be labelled. Headings and Sub-Headings for each section must be in a distinct font size bolded or underlined. Arial font for the entire document.

2) The design section which starts on page 4 of the Working document is not sufficient. Approximately 500 words are needed to further justify the design. Please use this link for reference. http://www.cisco.com/cpress/cc/td/cpress/design/ospf/on0407.htm

3) An additional 400 words are needed for the IS-IS Routing Protocol section of the document. As well, at least 10 more references are needed.



The report (1500 words) will examine a current topic in network routing architectures.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically assess the suitability and applicability of routing protocols within a campus network and ISP.
  2. Synthesise design strategies for IP addressing, summarisation and route optimisation.
  3. Critically evaluate and apply troubleshooting methodologies and associated toolsets to optimally maintain a complex routed network.
  4. Design and implement a complex routed network architecture
  5. Configure routers and associated networking components to deploy advanced routing protocols and optimise network performance.


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