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Chapter 12: Pages 535-536 Review Questions 10-11, 12, 13, 14.

10.Describe the different types of database requests and transactions.

11.Explain the need for the two-phase commit protocol. Then describe the two phases.

12.What is the objective of query optimization functions?

13.To which transparency feature are the query optimization functions related?

14.What issues should be considered when resolving data requests in a distributed data environment?

Chapter 15: 685-686 Review Questions 1-2, 7, 37, 40
1.Explain the difference between data and information. Give some examples of raw data and information.

2.Define dirty data, and identify some of its sources.

7. Using a single sentence, explain the role of databases in organizations. Then explain your answer in more detail.

37. In Oracle, what is a tablespace?

40. In Oracle, what is a database profile?

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