• October 2nd, 2017

CIS 223 Unit 3 Final Project Part 1

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Pick a company or business from the following list. This will be the basis for your entire final project. If you have a company or business that is not listed, get approval from your instructor. (Please pick any topic from list below)

• Retail Business – Possible Ideas: Clothing, Computer, Plumbing, Auto Supply, Stationary, Furniture, Shoes
• Service Company – Electrical, Heading, Air Conditioning, Lawn Care, House Remodeling
• Restaurant
• Theme Park
• General Construction Contractor
• Modeling Agency
• School/College

Create a Word table including un-normalized data for your business of choice. Identify information that is, or could be, regarded as important to the company for which the database is being designed. For example, if you have a database design for a production environment, then information that would be important to this company might be total production per day, total production by department for a given period, or a comparison of production and sales from one month to the next. This information will be the basis for queries, forms, and reports in the development stage of your project. All of these items can be completed in a Word document format.

Create dependency diagrams for all entities (tables) in your database. Be sure that each entity (table) is in 3NF and includes a relational. These cannot be hand-written/drawn; use Word, PowerPoint, or MS Visio via the XenDesktop to accomplish this.

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