• March 19th, 2016

Choose a Topic from The Wall Street Journal

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


An article assignment must discuss concepts such as exchange rate fluctuations, the international monetary system, and the global capital market, which are topics addressed in Chapters 10-12.

Assignment Description:

The purpose of these assignments is to demonstrate links between current events in the business world and the course material. Your goal is to demonstrate how specific course terms and concepts can be applied using the article’s content. In your article assignment, provide in your own words: 1) a one paragraph executive summary of the article’s content; and 2) a discussion and analysis of the specific course concepts illustrated in the article content. Your objective in the discussion and analysis section is to illustrate how the article’s content is related to ideas and concepts discussed in class and in the textbook. Your analysis of key concepts should demonstrate your mastery of advanced course concepts. Avoid merely defining a list of terms or providing simplistic and obvious applications that do not illustrate your understanding of relevant course concepts. Write your paper using an essay format and do not use lists of terms or highlight key terms in bold or italics. The target length for each article assignment is three double-spaced pages of content but there is no penalty for going over three pages, assuming you provide relevant, insightful content. The majority of your content should be in the discussion and analysis section rather than in your executive summary, which should only be approximately 150-200 words long.

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