• February 9th, 2017

Children’s Health Awareness Presentation

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You have been invited to speak at a community event to promote awareness of children’s health and physical activity. For this assignment, you will create a presentation to educate the parents/families and other community members using factual evidence and examples to provide a sound argument for the inclusion of health and physical education classes within the schools. In your presentation:
a. Describe stages of motor development for young children.
b. Discuss the importance of physical activity for the developing child and provide examples.
c. Discuss the impact that families and the community can have on children’s health and physical activity.
d. Identify at least three examples of physical activities and at least three examples of healthy eating practices that families can implement at home.
e. Identify at least three local resources for families to make healthy lifestyle choices within your own community (e.g. a local 5K race, farmer’s market, sports programs, drug rehabilitation).

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