• April 27th, 2016

Challenges between regulations and innovations: The extent to which UAE halal cosmetic regulation is hampering or stimulating innovation in cosmetic and personal care industry.

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Very Important note:
1- This order is consist of two parts:
Part (A): Proforma : mini research proposal (submission by April 30th 2016 )the proforma which is approximately 1000 words. The structure of the proforma is exactly as the structure of the final proposal but it’s like a summary of the main project.i.e. the ( 4) days given up is only for the proforma and in fact I want to make it 4 working days not 5 but there were no option to select 4 days .
Part (B): main research proposal: by getting the feedback from the professor on the proforma , I will send his feedback to you. Accordingly you can start the main assignment (research proposal) of 3400 words which will have longer deadline for submission may be two weeks
General Important comments:
Academic Standards:
2-Avoiding plagiarism: will be strictly enforced.
3-All written work submitted for this module should also conform to Harvard style – for citations.
4-When you do the critical analysis just remember that “Depth is better that breadth “.

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