• April 9th, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Write a research paper on a topic of your choice, related to the themes of the class. The essay should be 10 – 12 pages, double-spaced (approx. 2500 – 3000 words). If you’re having trouble finding a topic check the list of banned books and films on the Moodle. The paper does not have to be on an actual case of censorship but it should deal with material (film, TV, comics, music, artwork, etc.) that is in some way controversial. There are many possible approaches to this paper. However, the strongest papers will focus on a specific cultural text (again – film, TV, music, etc.). Set your material in context and offer some close description of it. What kind of a message does it deliver? How do the details of the work reinforce its message? What is controversial about it? You may or may not decide to use one of the frameworks introduced over the course of the semester (Aristotle, Kant, Mill, Freud, Foucault, Bourdieu, Nietzsche). If you do, please consult and cite primary sources (the titles of these authors’ relevant works are included in the Power Points). If you don’t use the work of these authors explicitly, you may still want to think about your material in their terms (i.e. in terms of virtues, duties/intentions, reception/consequences, discourses, taste and power). This is a research paper, so be sure to show your sources in footnotes/endnotes and a bibliography. Adhere to the general essay writing style: 1) Introduction (state your thesis and briefly describe the material you’ve chosen); 2) Supporting paragraphs (in which you should set the historical/social/political/cultural or artistic context of the work and then analyze it closely); 3) Conclusion.

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