• August 4th, 2017

Case Study/Marketing Analysis

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

THE expected length of the PAPER is 3-4 PAGES
The product or service can represent the consumer market, or the business-to-business market. The paper should describe the company being analyzed.
SWOT – Conduct a SWOT analysis for the brand and 2 of its competitors.
Product – Describe the product or service that is being offered. Describe specific features and
benefits. Describe where the product is in the product lifecycle.

Place – Describe the distribution strategy used by the company. How many channel levels are they using? Are they using intensive, selective, or exclusive distribution strategy?

Price – Describe the price strategy used by the company. How is the brand’s price compared to
the 2 competitors in the SWOT analysis? How elastic is their pricing? Are they using cost-
based or value-based pricing strategy?

Promotion – Describe the types of promotion being used by the company. Analyze their activity across the 5 basic promotion types: advertising, sales promotion, public relations,
direct marketing, and personal selling. How well are these working together?

People – Describe the target audience the company is focused on, and give an opinion on the
targeting strategy they are using.

Metrics – How well are the company’s marketing plans working? Use any reported findings about their marketing from outside research to support your assessment.

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