• April 13th, 2016

Case Study, Psychology

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The Assignment (57 pages):

Part A:
Summarize the presenting problem of the virtual client and create a hypothesis.
Select a cognitive test from the Mental Measurements Yearbook. (Note: You are to select a test that is not listed in this weeks Learning Resources.)
Evaluate and explain why this test is most appropriate to assess the clients cognitive skills and justify your selection.

Part B:
Evaluate the Mock Assessment Results provided below.
Explain whether the evaluation results support or invalidate your hypothesis of the presenting problem.
Justify your response.
Briefly describe which additional tests or assessment methods that you might consider for your client.
Explain two ways that you might integrate the evaluation results into client treatment planning and why.

Mock Assessment Results

Locate your virtual client in the following list.

Results of Assessment for CHC Factors:
Virtual Client 1: Weakness in Gs and Gr; Strength in Gf
Virtual Client 2: Weakness in Gs
Virtual Client 3: Weakness in Gr

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