• April 18th, 2016

Case Study Change Management

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Task required: Based on less than perfect information supplied about the BTS problem statement, you are required to act as an external change consultant to assist the Board to address the issues and challenges:

1. Develop at least six (6) realistic assumptions that you can add to the issues and problems expressed. These might typically be related to management, change processes, managerial information systems, technology, competitors, Customers and so on. Use at least two (2) sentences to describe each assumption (150-200 words).
2. In reference to the classic article by Larry Greiner (Reading 10), explain what is happening between growth and change in BTS. Compare this with what Malhotra and Hinings indicate about continuity and change (Reading 9) (500-600 words).
3. How does the problem statement for BTS resemble what Gersick indicates about a systems deep structure (Reading 6; see also Chapter 3 Hayes)? What consistencies exist between the facts in BTS and the descriptions of deep structure by Gersick (500-600 words)?
4. In reference to the article by Dailey and Browning (Reading 4; see also Module 1), explain how and why narratives and storytelling was useful to the company (300 words).
5. Refer to Chapter 6 of Hayes (2014) under the heading ‘Collaborative Modes of Intervening’. Discuss which modes might change agents in BTS use and why? Who are the change agents in BTS if change occurs? (300 words)
6. Given the Typology of Organisational Change (see Hayes, Chapter 3), which typology may best describe the approach that BTS might adopt and why? (300-400 words).
Please Note: Use a minimum of 12 references (including the one’s listed above) to support your answers

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