• April 18th, 2016

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MG2008 2015-2016
Project, Operations and Supply Chain Management

Assignment 2 of 2: Individual report on Operations and Supply Chain Mgt
Weighting for module: 50% of the overall module mark
Briefing: January 2016
Submission deadline: May 9th 2016, midday
Submission method: Word document via the Turnitin link on Blackboard (Bb)
Format: A 2000 word report
Research: Use at least 10 academic sources
Assessment criteria: see QAA matrix on Blackboard
Using the Wyldeburd Ltd case study on Bb (Lysons and Farrington 2012 p112):
As the new Logistics Manager you are to:
a) Critically assess the way that the operations and logistics are currently set up in view of the issues identified (40%);
b) Analyse these issues and suggest ways in which things might be improved, with reference to relevant models and theories (40%);
c) Explain the main issues that need to be addressed in other areas of the business and explain how you would approach your colleagues in order to make progress there (20%).

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