• April 17th, 2016

Case study

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Case study , solving question 3 and 4 only, each question 1 page

CARVEL in CHINA CASE QUESTIONS                       

  1. Based on case data, outline why Carvel entered into China in the first place. Please indicate which factors would have been the most important to their decision. (25 marks)


  1. Outline what the marketing objective(s), target customer(s), and an overall marketing strategy for Carvel in China should be. Be clear in outlining both what they are and why. (25 marks)


  1. Develop a marketing plan (i.e., the 4Ps) to improve Carvel’s performance. For each “P” outline your marketing strategies, tactics, and rationale (25 marks)


  1. Discuss the positioning of Carvel in China using positioning information we learned in class. Draw a positioning map for the company. (25 marks)

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