• April 10th, 2016

Case Study 5

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Review the cases for this week’s discussion and make your selection in the choice poll found in the week three tab.
Although this week focuses on psychosocial assessment and substance abuse or other mental health problems, you should also consider what other medical issues the person in your case might have. That is, do not limit yourself to only the psychosocial realm when considering the needs of the client.
The cases as presented are purposefully a little vague. This is so you have room to be creative in how you want to present your client. As you review the tools you might use to assess your client, you can feel free to “make up” data that you would input on those assessment tools.

Develop your initial post using the following questions
1. Which screening tools would you use in this patient’s assessment and why?
2. What were the scores on the screening tools for this patient and what do they mean?
3. What non-psychosocial (medical) issues might be present for this patient?
4. Based on the pertinent positives and negatives for the patient, what are your differential diagnoses?
5. Based on the differential diagnosis for this patient, as well as for the results of the screening tools, what follow up interventions or plan of care might be needed?

Note: References can not be older than 5 years and must be scholarly article or journal.

Case 5
Sal is a 33 year old who has visited you several times in the clinic with a chief complaint of back pain. He denies any injury but says his back pain acts up frequently. Today Sal says the pain is much worse. Your physical examination of Sal reveals no abnormalities. When you review what he has done to help his back pain, he indicates that he has used over the counter medications, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, but they do not help. Today Sal outright requests narcotic medications. You ask him about any history related to tobacco, drug or alcohol use. He admits to past use of heroin and marijuana, and says he currently drinks alcohol.

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