• April 2nd, 2016

Case study

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Discussion Prompt 1
Reflect upon the diagnostic exercise you participated in this week. Select one of the individuals you interacted with, and based on his or her health assessment, develop a health plan to help them prevent the disease and improve their quality of life. Your plan should include health care recommendations, educational materials, support systems for making lifestyle changes, and tools and resources for managing and monitoring symptoms.
“Case study”
Name: Daniel Santiago: Registered Nurse
Male, 21-year-old. Culture: American Ethnicity: Filipino
Residence/Birthplace: Seattle, Washington
Family History: Grandfather died of heart attack and father had non-fatal heart attack, both mother and father have diabetes, grandfather and father had kidney disease of various types and grandfather had to undergo dialysis.
Diet and exercise routines: normal American diet (high in saturated fat, low in fiber), exercise regularly (1 hour, 3 times a week).
BMI: normal
Smoke /drink/drug use: occasional smoker, occasional alcohol intake.
Daniel is Registered Nurse for a High-Volume Urgent Care Clinic.
He is risk of 1. diabetes,2. heart attack and3. kidney disease.
Recommended treatments and risk preventions
1. Quit smoking completely
2.Reduce stress through various complementary strategies
3. Exercise more
4. Monitor sugar, blood cholesterol, blood pressure.
5. Maintain a healthy diet, include more antioxidant-rich food. For Daniel, it is really important to adopt health lifestyle. Changes such as exercise and diet in order to mitigate his family history. Since his family history is so strong, it is really important for Daniel to focus on what he can do to reduce his risk for diabetes especially because having diabetes increases his risk for other things like heart attack and kidney disease.

As part of your plan, include the following:
• Provide a brief summary of the individual’s health assessment, the physiologic signs and symptoms of the individual’s highest disease risk, and the impact of that disease on his/her functional health status.
• Provide a health plan for risk prevention addressing diet, exercise, health monitoring recommendations, pharmacological aids, diagnostic testing recommendations, and additional lifestyle changes. Clearly explain the interrelationships between pathophysiology, pharmacology, diagnostic testing, and management on the individual’s health and the disease.
• Identify and summarize at least one current pharmacological advancement or a key piece of substantiated research in the treatment or prevention of the disease. Cite your source(s).
• Identify two or more websites to aid in the physical and mental well-being of the individual. Include the web links and a summary of the features and benefits of each site in a brief paragraph. Explain how specific components/features of the site can benefit your individual’s health care.

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