• August 13th, 2017

Case study 3

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

5 rеvіew of systems (ROS) questions
•5 рhysical assessment techniques that would be conducted in a focused physical exam

Each case is worth 10 points
•Each case must include 5 ROS questions and 5 physical assessment techniques for full credit
APA with references.

1.S. D. was discharged yesterday after treatment for heart failure. She appears short of breath when she answers the door for the home health nurse. The nurse also notices crackles that are unrelieved by coughing, +2 edema in both lower extremities, and a third heart sound.

2.P. P., age 52 years, is in the clinic because she has had “waves of nausea and chest burning” off and on for 24 hours. Her father died of a heart attack at age 47 years

3. J. L. had a CVA within the past week. J. L. is easily frustrated, anxious, and fearful, and her speech is slurred. She needs verbal cuing for any task she is asked to carry out. She eats only food on the left side of the tray and responds only when approached from the left side

4.R. R. has been referred to the neurologic clinic for evaluation. History provided by his wife includes confusion, loss of short-term memory, poor judgment, and ritualistic and repetitive behaviors. Tentative diagnosis is Alzheimer’s disease.

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