• April 18th, 2016

Case Study 1 Mrs. Booker

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

APA Paper 5 pages addressing the case study below including the tools associated with completing the paper requirements 3 references no older than 5 years
There will be 3 tools used for this paper that will be attached seperatley.

Beyond Physical Assessment of Geriatric Clients
Assessment of geriatric clients becomes increasingly complex as they age. Pathophysiologic processes are likely to become co-morbid, and social and/or psychosocial issues will often manifest. Changes in cognition, levels of independence, increased risk of falls, substance abuse, and social isolation are all areas that should be assessed routinely.
For this week’s discussion, we will use case studies, located in the tabbed display in the week 5 tab. Each student will choose one of the five case studies, and you will apply tools and make determinations as to what type of interventions might be needed. All the tools listed below are available from the “General Assessment Series” at ConsultGeriRN, or for the Fall Risk Assessment and FRAX tools, go to the Week 4 tab.

1. From the table below, select the tools you would like to use to assess your “patient”
2. Visit the ConsultGeriRN site and review the tools Fall Risk
3. Use your selected case study to answer as many questions as possible. If a tool requires answers not included in the case study, imagine you are interviewing your patient, and provide the answers they might give, then complete the tool and/or the score for the tool
4. For your initial post, DO NOT REPEAT THE CASE STUDY. Briefly summarize your client, then summarize the findings from your tools, with the scores and interpretation of the scores.

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