• April 10th, 2016

Case study 1

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5.1 Design a proposed IT architecture map, clearly marked, outlining how the new proposed systems, you have identified, will form an integrated whole. This map should be high level only and should include the linkages between the various enterprise systems, demonstrating whether they are cloud based and/or on premise. Ensure you label the different parts of the map.
by doing this question you need go through the case study, and the proposed systems we chosen SAP S/4HANA. and do some research on it. and the linkages between the various enterprise systems you must include 1.SAP S/4HANA 2.SAP Business ALL-in-one 3.SAP Business bydesign 4.SAP Business One 5.SAP ERP 6.SAP R/3 ALSO there is a link have all the details for those 6 systems. go.sap.com/product/enterprise-management.html. and maybe there have some more systems from other company, but you must include those systems i provide you above.

5.2 Describe how this architectural map will provide advanced capability to the two companies.
for this question the first company is in the case study, and you have to find another one from other place.

5.3 You will NEED to make some assumptions about the structure of the architecture. State what assumptions you have made and why.
For this question you need to make few assumptions, please make more then 5 assumptions.

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