• April 11th, 2016

Case analysis -financial market and institutions

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case 1

This case presents a smorgasbord of capital market issues in 2010. This gives you a deep perspective on how capital markets operate. Here is a few suggestions for this case analysis:


Consider the various structure of the issues; Calculate the yield of these debt instruments using the formulas in the textbook – Note: face value of these U.S bonds is $1000; compare the yields among the various issues & think about why they are different to each other; What are the purposes of these capital raisings?; Why the issuers chose the structure that they did? How about from the investors’ perspectives?

case 2

A German importer has entered into a contract under which it will require payment in GBP in one month. The company is concerned at its exposure to foreign exchange risk and decides to enter into a forward exchange contract with its bank. Given the following (simplified) data, calculate the forward rate offered by the bank.

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