• January 6th, 2017

Career Development and Education Programs about company X (petroleum entity in UAE)

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Conduct a research on Career Development and Education Programs about company X which is a petroleum entity (government) in the UAE (DUBAI) related to contemporary HRM and management issues. The paper should be fifteen (15) pages of research findings, typed and double-spaced. All references must be cited in a bibliography and in the paper.
The main topic/issue for the research is that some employees that have between 3 to 5 years of experience leave the company and the reason is that they want to develop their career.
The research also focuses on core HRM practices, employee wellbeing, the HRM-performance relationship, and HRM measurement. The research on SHRM takes a particular interest in HRM practices in a broader sense, which includes issues such as supervisory support and competence management.
The Research paper will include the following elements:

1. The paper will use 7 references that are published books, peer-reviewed journal articles, and/or peer-reviewed journal articles found on the Internet.
2. Follow these directions exactly:

a) Page 1—title page (no page number)
b) Page 2—abstract (no page number) / abstract focuses on problem, research methodology and goals of the proposed project
c) Page 3—table of contents (no page number)
d) Page 4—introduction to paper (page number 1)
3. The paper should include the following sections:

Introduction ( The sample paper provided has the sections that needs to be included under the introduction.)
 Outlines purpose of the paper and present hypothesis of paper. Questions investigate the nature of the problem
a) Overview
b) Purpose of the research paper
c) Brief background about the company
d) HR Role in Career Development
e) Methods
Literature Review/theoretical framework ( The sample paper provided has the sections that needs to be included under the Literature Review/theoretical framework)
 Reviews the theories, theorists, models, or principles that are connected to the topic of the paper.
 Identifies the theoretical foundations
a) Historical Perspective of Career Development Programs
b) Theoretical Basis for Career Development
– Work Force Changes
– Nature of Employee Motivation
– Managerial Styles
– Technology
c) Components of a Career Development Program
– Career Counseling ( overview , process , etc)
– Proficiency in-service training
– Career specialty training

Methodology ( The sample paper provided has what needs to be included under the methodology.)
 The methodology chapter explains what will be researched, how it will be done and why.
a) Research Approach
b) Research Methods
c) Nature of Research
d) Data Collection
e) Semi- structured interview
f) Participants
g) Procedure
Results of the interview , Analyses and Discussion. ( The sample paper provided has what needs to be included under the results and discussions.)
 Local problem is required. Documentation is needed supporting the existence of and the nature of the local problem.
 Your analytical skills will clearly be of central importance to this section of your research.
a) Interview Protocol and transcript ( a sample will be provided): you’ll have to set 10 interview questions about the topic, then provide answers to the questions as if the interview was really conducted with a supervisor in the HR. (The interview protocol and transcript should be in the appendix)
b) Analyze and Discuss the results of the interview.
c) There should be two separate sections
– results
– discussions

 The most important section of your work.
 You will show a clear understanding of the nature and significance of your findings.
 Based upon your critical analysis of your findings you will be required to provide recommendations, that in your opinion, will help improve the field HRM
a) Recommend ways to set a career development program in the organization to retain the employees and reduce the turnover.
b) You have to discuss in details how to set the best career development program for company X. Go in details through the 3 components of career development program.

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