• March 20th, 2016

Cardiac Heart Disease and Self Care In Women

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This week the discussion focuses on creating a Synthesis Table(s) as a means to summarize and organize the body of evidence from the Evaluation Table.
1. Share your approach to synthesizing the evidence. What were the variables of interest you identified?

2. Summarize 2 articles you have identified from the Synthesis Table as pertinent to your proposal. Include:
• the level of evidence,
• study design,
• evidence of rigor.
(Use appropriate APA citation in text and references)

3. In addition to research studies, patient preference and clinical expertise should also be considered. Discuss how you will incorporate these important perspectives into your project proposal.

NOTE: Synthesis Table Exemplar and Template will be provided.

Evaluation Table with the articles to be used for this research paper will be provided as well.

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