• March 20th, 2016

Cardiac Heart Disease and Self Care in Women

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Cardiac Heart Disease and Self Care in Women

Evidence review and synthesis section.

This section consists of narrative descriptions of each study that forms the body of evidence. For each article include:

• Authors’ names, date of publication (included in the citation).
• Quality and level of evidence
• How significant (or not) the evidence is and why you think so. How are these articles relevant to change practice or policy for your specific practice site and population? If a study is not significant and you have included it, mention how your clinical expertise was involved in this decision.
• Your summary the synthesis section should clearly indicate the intervention you plan to use in your project proposal. You will discuss this in greater detail in the next section, but do leave the reader with the understanding of the intervention you chose.
NOTE: Evaluation Table with the articles to be used for this research paper will be provided.

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