• April 19th, 2016

Carbon tax

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Read the EPS instructions file and my part is analysis the carbon tax policy. The analysis based on the outcomes. The outcomes to be considered are the following, which in some cases you may actually be able to estimate numerically by attaching the appropriate parameter values (e.g., the slope of the fuel demand curve) to the graphical model and/or by appealing to applied economics research: • Consumer fuel prices, fuel consumption, and miles driven • Automobile prices, sales, fuel economy, and other related attributes (e.g., size and horsepower) • Food and grain commodity prices • Consumer surplus (households, meat & food production, and other affected industries) • Producer surplus (automakers, oil & gasoline, farmers & ethanol industry) • Environmental externalities (e.g., carbon emissions, air & water pollution, wildlife & ecosystems) • Traffic safety (i.e., accidents, injuries, and fatalities) • Human health and quality-of-life (e.g., traffic congestion) • National energy & economic security (e.g., dependence on imported energy) • Government revenues

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