• March 4th, 2016

Capstone Project Case Assignment Part 4

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The ability to understand various elements within and outside your topic organization and the extent to which they affect information technology are keenly important to the organization’s management. One facet of this ability is to be able to successfully scan various internal and external ‘environments’ (social, economic, political, and technological, etc.) at numerous organizational levels (as well as the demands of their various publics). This module will focus on gaining a better understanding of the ‘environmental’ conditions facing your chosen Capstone organization and how to assess the elements of required planned change.

And to produce a reasonable and workable plan to set the stage for these forthcoming IT improvements (the improvement discussed in part 3)—a plan that will help affected organization managers, employees, and customers better embrace the forthcoming change implementation.

This is the final part of the Capstone project.

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