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Can ‘spectral’ music be regarded as a specifically French phenomenon?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Please don’t using wikipedia. Please using book, journal and article etc. Just focus on main topic. Please don’t forget foot note and references. Also, please make tittle.
Some pieces of advice are more straightforward:
Double space your text (CTRL+2 does this on PCs, +2 on Macs)
Type in a 12-point font
Justify the text along each margin… in the manner of the paragraph on Feedback below (CTRL+J)
Your font type should be Times New Roman or Arial
Minimise your use of first person:
I went to the Alexandra Palace and I saw their catering facilities, and I then spoke to Head of Marketing at Alexandra Palace about a play I knew they were going to put on that’d use the catering facilities for the interval… does not read as well as…
The Alexandra Palace offers catering facilities to their clients. My interview with the Head of Marketing confirmed that these would soon be put to use by a theatre company.
Avoid colloquialisms, i.e. gonna, or, in the above example, that’d.
Still with the same example, notice the avoidance of unnecessary repetition second time around.
Include page numbers (page ‘1’ should be the first page of your essay/report, not the title page).
Turn on your spell-checker, ensure Word’s language is set to UK English, and have a dictionary/thesaurus to hand as you type.
Proof-read your essay before submission: the ultimate test is to read aloud paragraph or two as this best reveals any words, clauses or sentences that do not make sense.
Your Use of Argument, Quoting & Paraphrasing
Use footnotes to acknowledge your sources. Indeed, you receive credit for using the ideas of others within your own argument—later on, you’ll hopefully develop your critical skills and be in a position to borrow, or even dismiss, other arguments as you construct yours. Relatedly, you should also include a bibliography too, of course.
The simplest entry on a bibliography is for a sole-authored book:
Author, Title of book in italics (City: Publisher, Year).
Or, you may have cite an article from a multi-authored book or journal:
Author of article, ‘Title of article’, in Title of book in italics, ed. Editor’s name (City: Publisher, Year), pp. 72-98.
The only thing to remember when transferring this bibliographic information across to your footnotes is to ensure each footnote includes a page number, so that the reader/marker can trace your reference to the actual text or idea you’re quoting or paraphrasing. If the footnote cites a website, then you must include the date accessed instead, and remember to include the full web address.

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