• April 20th, 2016

“Campaign launches and conventions” Discussion

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Then write 2 paragraphs for each speech addressing all these questions, expect to have 500 words each paragraph.

  1. Why was this person giving a speech?
  2. When in the convention was the person giving the speech?
  3. What is the main thrust of the speech?
  4. What rhetorical techniques does the speaker use?
  5. How does the speaker (if the candidate) attempt to claim leadership or bestow leadership on the candidate?
  6. Is the speaker only talking to the voters or is s/he also speaking to the party faithful? If so how do you differentiate this?
  7. Is the speech combative or is it bipartisan?
  8. How was the speech covered in the media?
  9. Do you think the speech achieved its aims?
  10. Do you think the speech would resonate with Australian voters?

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