• April 10th, 2016

Business Studies

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At the moment I have to do only section 1, 2 of below: Section 1 – Enterprise Analysis (see Chapter 5, Lecture 7) a. Describe Business Need b. Assess Capability Gaps Section 2 – Elicitation (see Chapter 3, Lecture 2) a. Describe your group’s preparation for elicitation b. Document elicitation results Section 3 – Requirements Analysis (see Chapter 6, Lectures 4 & 5) (not now) a. Break requirements up into logical sections b. Prioritise requirements – show the method(s) used c. Organise requirements – decide on modelling techniques and levels of abstraction to be used d. Specify and Model Requirements – apply these techniques to the requirements described. This is where you record the requirements of the project, and so is the major section of this assignment. At least one use case must be included here. e. Define Assumptions and Constraints f. Verify requirements – this is a statement by the group that the requirements meet the characteristics of requirements quality – see p.115 g. Validate requirements – against the information gathered in the Enterprise Analysis sectionless

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